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When MeiLin left Hong Kong for California to begin middle school, not only did she discover a new country but also the wonder of books. She learned English by reading middle grade novels with a dictionary and couldn't stop reading since.


Her high school essays led to scholarships to attend the University of California at Berkeley where she studied Business and Psychology. With no idea what to do next, she tried out careers like installing text-messaging software for Caribbean wireless carriers, casting magic spells with Excel and statistics software in educational technologies research at M.I.T., running her own commercial real estate brokerage in Boston, creating and marketing novelty soaps that resembled the Periodic Table or sushi from her soap-making studio, and translating technical information into marketing collateral for software companies.  


She’s thankful for the caterpillar her daughter couldn’t keep that sparked the idea for the very first kidlit manuscript. When she’s not brainstorming for surprising metaphors in picture books and novels, she’s likely pollinating fruit flowers in her garden or playing pretend with her daughters and husband in Northern California.

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