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Resources for Writers

In addition to non-stop reading in and outside your genres, I've found classes from these organizations helpful. I will keep adding to these lists as I keep learning myself:


I think I'm addicted to the webinars organized by different chapters around the world.  I'm immensely grateful to Ellie Peterson from SCBWI Western Washington and Susan Montanari from SCBWI Southern Breeze for their feedback and guidance.

The Highlights Foundation

I am grateful for the general scholarship.  I have taken many helpful classes from veteran writers and editors.

The Writing Barn

 I love their classes on different aspects of the writing journey in different genres.

This is where I took my very first writing class in person when I lived in Boston and I have taken online revision classes there. They are heavier on novels with fewer offerings in picture books.

Editorial Freelancers Association

I've learned different approaches in editing picture books and novels from professional editors here.

Renee LaTulippe's Lyrical Language Lab

It was in Renee's course where I discovered free verse. I fell in love with writing novels-in-verse soon after.

The Writers' Loft

If I still lived in Massachusetts, I would go in person. In the meantime, check our their class offerings!


12x12 Picture Book Challenge

I am grateful for the scholarship to join. The webinars alone are worth the investment. This picture book community is full of talented writers in various stages of their writing careers. 


I have to include it again for the community especially with my local chapter. 

Books on Writing:

It'll take some time to go through book shelves so please stay tuned!

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